2009: from graffiti publishing to the alcohol marker

Most ideas start with an empty sheet of paper.
This was almost the same for us in 2009, except that there was also some frustration included concerning the current situation of the alcohol marker industry.
The background story: already a decade prior to our idea, our “Publikat Verlag” began making a name for itself within the urban art and graffiti scene with the international magazine “Stylefile”. The trust brought forward from the scene was already huge because the team came directly from it and due to this brought authenticity to the products from the very beginning.
The reoccurring topic: alcohol markers. For a long time now, they have been becoming more expensive, but not any better. The solution is obvious: you simply produce one yourself! After all, the team knows the high standards and expectations of the industry and scene from first-hand experience.

2009/2010: the production phase begins…

Whoever has high expectations prefers to do everything himself.
This was always true for us and did not change up to today! Our vision: a self-designed alcohol marker with the suiting name stylefile marker offering the best possible price-performance ratio on the market and appealing to a large audience – ultimately, we were familiar with the other branches of the industry that have been waiting for such a product for quite a while.
From the beginning on, an OEM-product was out of the question. So we spent a year with the production of the marker, the search for a cooperation partner and finally with the development of the end product.

2011/2012: welcome to the highly competitive marker market!

Designed in Germany. Produced in Asia. Successful in Europe!
Mid of 2011 it was finally done: the first boxes with the stylefile marker have been produced. The demand was large – yet, even better was the recognition of befriended artists and business partners reassuring that we have created a fair and satisfying product, which quickly gained a strong standing within the graffiti and fine-art industry thanks to our own roots. In the currently flourishing market of the alcohol markers this was the exact conditions a well-going product needed.

And we could quickly rejoice: not only in Germany but also in other European countries the marker spread rapidly due to its good name and moreover due to several new partners we could gain internationally. It was clear we needed to add the complementary paper to our assortment and also offer our customers drawing books and sketchpads. Our concept concerning these products: offering good standard products at cheap prices but also including high-quality paper from Italy at a fair price for demanding professionals.

2013: the stylefile marker evolves and spreads…

Thanks to the cooperation with boesner and other new partners our stylefile marker received the opportunity to convince consumers in the fields of fine art, architecture and many more. Here also, we received positive feedback through which we could dedicate ourselves to new ideas and projects.

2014: the first Paperworld fair: the stylefile marker expands beyond Europe

End of January we presented ourselves with a stand on the Paperworld fair in Frankfurt – together with our stylefile marker assortment and huge anticipation towards how the international market will react to our products. We were surprised to see that again we were confronted with a high demand. This enabled us to complete our visit to the fair successfully having gained new contacts from the entire world. The great feedback motivated us even more to use the year for the development of a new marker: the stylefile marker brush. With a new brush marker the stylefile marker should receive company and support all the artists searching for a flexible brush tip for their work.
The year 2014 became the production phase for a new marker. Since the design was already there, we concentrated on the search for a tip with an even higher quality – and found it in Japan.

2015: Paperworld fair II: the stylefile marker brush introduces itself

Just on time, we were able to successfully present our new stylefile marker brush and further accessories on the Paperworld fair 2015. Our new products had a strong appeal which confirmed our intention to develop an innovative marker for the special requirements of artists and designers.
We did not rest just here: we began to add further products to our assortment. And so the stylefile marker allround appeared after a short development phase. With its round and superfine tip this marker is another sophisticated supplement to the assortment of various consumer types .
The constantly growing popularity of the stylefile marker products, as well as the rapid expansion of the assortment, enabled us to gain new sales partners in Russia and Turkey. This makes 2015 an especially eventful year and we are happy about these developments – and excited for 2016!

2016: forecast

Also for this year, we have multiple ideas and projects to meet the high demand of the market. The next products have been already planned: in 2016 we will further expand our assortment with fineliners, exchangeable tips and refill inks …
We are excited to present our stylefile marker allround - next to our other established assortment – making new contacts and gathering feedback regarding our products.