stylefile marker refill

Good for the environment, easy on the purse: all colours of the stylefile marker and stylefile marker brush are refillable with the stylefile marker refills! One refill bottle contains 25 ml alcohol ink, which is sufficient for multiple refills and therefore has a first-class value regarding the price.

Just pull out the tip and insert the bottleneck into the opening – the construction of the stylefile marker refill perfectly fits onto the marker and guarantees that no drop gets lost and your hands stay clean.


No matter which stylefile marker you own, classic, brush, or allround, he is destined for eternity with the new stylefile marker refill ink.

You get 25 ml of alcohol-based ink, which is suited for multiple refills and because of the special refill tip your bag and your fingers remain clean. The tip is designed to prevent unwanted dripping and only works if you give it a controlled squeeze.

Refill 120x Full Acrylic display multicolor

A place for nearly every colour: the stylefile marker Refill 120x Full Acrylic Display is made out of transparent synthetic material and has room for 120 refills for your favourite layout marker.

Wether you have the brush or the allround marker – you can use the 25 ml refill several time and with every kind of stylefile marker . And because of the special refill tip it is done pretty qucikly and your fingers stay clean.

Size: 34 cm x 29 cm x 10,5 cm.

Refill 120x Full Acrylic Display multicolor

This will surely fit right in and bring refill colour into the shop: the stylefile marker refill full assembly display comes here as a package with all 126 colours and three bottles each.