Premium Markerpad

The sketchpad for higher demands! There are no
boundaries for your creativity on these 50 individually
detachable pages. The fine 75 g/m² paper is made in
Germany. It is highly leak-proof and prevents the
colours from bleeding out.
Available in A4 landscape format as well as A3 landscape format.

Stylefile Marker Premium Markerpad

Classic Sketchbooks

With an unbeatable price-performance ratio, the stylefile
marker classic sketchbook offers a broad basis for
all kinds of drawings on 144 pages. The 120 g/m²
paper prevents the ink from bleeding. Furthermore,
the robust cover comes with an embossed stylefile
marker logo.

Stylefile Marker Sketchbook Classic

Premium Sketchbooks

Perfect 120 g/m² premium paper made in Italy guarantees
the best results on 144 pages without colour bleeding.
With embossed cover and stitched binding with headband.

Stylefile Marker Sketchbook Premium