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Find answers to the most common questions regarding stylefile marker products right here.

Which ink is used and is it lightfast?

We use an alcohol-based ink for the stylefile marker, which is almost odourless. As it is the case for all alcohol markers, the ink is not lightfast since the colour can fade under direct sunlight (light fastness can only be achieved with pigments within the colour). Storing pictures in dark and dry places can avoid that.

Can I use the stylefile marker for every kind of paper?

Basically, yes, you can. But absorbent surfaces can reduce the quality and durability of the colours. Standard copy paper for example absorbs more colour than necessary, which may cause deteriorating painting quality and increased ink consumption. This is why we recommend using our stylefile marker blackbooks and sketchpads to achieve low-ink consumption and ideal results.

Does the alcohol-based ink harm the environment or health?

No, it doesn’t. The alcohol ink used has been tested concerning health and environmental risks and poses no health hazard when coming into contact with skin. However, it is not food safe and therefore only restrictively suitable for children.

Which target groups and fields has the stylefile marker been developed for?

In general, there are no limits to drawing with alcohol-based ink. Because of its good suitability for drawing paper, the stylefile marker is often used by designers (fashion, products, etc.), architects, artists and artist students, graffiti writers, illustrators, and of course comic-strip and manga artists. Thanks to the standard and brush marker, as well as an extensive colour assortment of 124 colours, there are unlimited ways of being creative!

What is the difference between the stylefile marker classic and the stylefile marker brush?

The stylefile marker classic is our standard model due to its fine tip and a broad chisel tip. The stylefile marker brush also has a chisel tip, but additionally includes a flexible brush tip, resembling a paint-brush, with which a line with different widths and smooth transitions can be drawn. This is why the stylefile marker brush is perfect for curved and organic shapes. Its construction and paint quality is equal to the standard marker.

What do I need the “blender” for?

If you want to create fluent and smooth transitions or lighten up colours, you’ll need a blender. The best blend effects will be achieved by using the blender immediately after the application of the paint.

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